Help Us Heal Racial Division Across the Globe

What do I do as a Courageous Partner?

I’ve been waiting for a forward moving conversation around social justice focused on collective progress instead of Black vs. White. I’ve felt disheartened and disappointed with all of the divisiveness that has become the daily commentary.

So, I took a leap of faith and created a spoken word film, directed by award-winner Daniel J. Pico called “Let’s Grow”. It’s a bold and disruptive 16-minute movie that depicts, for the first time, what it looks like to sit at the same table for an honest, unfiltered dialogue across cultural lines. While it reveals the ignorance, bias, and anger that exists, it also provides a blueprint for how to start the healing process… TOGETHER.

What our world needs is a Cultural Cohesive movement that creates social connection and aligned partnership.

“Let’s Grow” is exactly that.


Let's Grow


A ground-breaking and disruptive spoken word film, that depicts the polarizing struggle between black and white people in America. Let’s Grow bravely confronts the uncomfortable and polarizing conversations Americans are having today in an emotional and unapologetic manner. Written by Lisa Nichols, Sean Smith, and acclaimed actor & poet David Bianchi.



Lisa Nichols

David Bianchi

Daniel J. Pico

Sean Smith

What You Do as a Courageous Partner

An unprecedented project like this requires unprecedented support! Can I count on YOU to be one of my Courageous Partners?

As a Courageous Partner, you’ll be able to use your voice and influence to get behind a Worldwide Movement for Courageous Cultural Conversations.

You will be sent a private link to view the full movie in advance so you can have confidence in the promotion. If you need to see it in its entirety before making your decision, please let me know.

We’re asking you to:

  • Commit to using your voice to contribute to racial healing by working to share the movie with 1,500 from your community
  • Mail to your list 2 time (Suggested copy will be provided)
  • Post 2-4 times on social media (Graphics, links, and suggested copy will be provided)

If you have any questions, please email us at